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Nourishing the equestrian athlete

May 17, 2020 Louise Dando, Heather Wallace, and Andrea Parker Season 1
Equestrian Pulse Podcast
Nourishing the equestrian athlete
Show Notes

We all know that nutrition is important for our horses, but how many of us stop to consider our own nutrition needs?

In this episode Andrea sat down to talk with fellow dietitian Natalie Gavi. Their conversation covered a huge range of topics, from COVID-19 nutrition myths, the non-diet and intuitive eating approaches and nutrition concerns amongst equestrian athletes.

Natalie Gavi is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition. She is located in Los Angeles where she has a private practice working with equestrian athletes of all levels to help them perform at their best. As an equestrian herself Natalie understands the unique demands of our sport.

Heels Down Media Storys:
- Nutrition and Coronavirus Myths, Debunked
- Is it ok for your trainer to tell you to loose weight

You can follow Natalie on Instagram @the.equestrian.dietitian
You can find out more about working with Natalie at https://www.gavinutrition.com/equestrians

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